I've been a member for three years now and I love the Airport Club! it's always very clean, rarely do you see a broken machine, the staff is very friendly and helpful.

— Sheri M.

I've been a member for almost a year now, and I have to say that the Airport Club is really great. Instructors are top notch, and the staff is always friendly. The equipment is maintained constantly and every thing is super clean. They always have something going on, so it's easy to stay motivated. I try to not go at peak times and I've never had an issue getting on a machine to work out. They have tons of everything. Basically pretty much anything you can think of for a workout, you'll find it here. Oh and they have basketball, volleyball, racquetball and tennis courts.

Check it out if you're looking for a place to work out. I'm pretty certain you won't be disappointed.

— Nancy G.

I've had memberships to some pretty amazing, full-service gyms back when we lived in the city & the Airport Health Club goes above & beyond. In terms of classes, fitness apparatus, & facilities, they have just about everything -- aquatics, tennis, racquetball, basketball, volleyball, yoga, pilates, spin, weight machines, cardiovascular machines, a Curves-like 20-minute circuit, & more. They also have an indoor & outdoor hot tub, sauna, steam room, various pools (all heated, except for the lap pool), & free childcare with membership.

It's gets busy but never feels over-crowded -- even at peak times of the day. They offer all sorts of classes throughout the day & evening (most of which are free with your membership), & you can almost always get into the classes or onto the machines you want with minimal or no wait. Their level of service is incomparable. They provide cool water & ice cubes with lemons & large, fuzzy towels which are often pleasantly warm from the drier. The locker rooms have dispensers with nice soap, shampoo, conditioner, shaving lotion, deodorant, & hair spray so you hardly have to bring anything. The lockers all have their own keys, so you don't need to lug heavy padlocks around either.

If you have children, the Airport Club is a particularly good value because: (a) the kids enjoy hanging out in the childcare rooms (sorted by age) & do fun activities & receive excellent care while mom & dad get to work out, enjoy the hot tub & sauna & steam room, or get a haircut or manicure/pedicure at the in-house salon; (b) they offer yoga, fitness, tennis, swimming, & rock-climbing classes for elementary school-age kids (some free, others for a reasonable fee); & (c) the kids adore the pools & outdoor hot tub. For athletic kids, they Gym also offers fun summer sports programs.

The monthly fees are reasonable once discounts are applied (through most health insurance companies as well as Triple A). We have a crappy small-group health plan with Blue Shield & still got a $30-per-month discount, which brought our monthly membership costs down to a rather reasonable $130 per month for our family of three.

The main obstacle for most folks (including us) is the up-front membership fee (a whopping $750 for a family of three or four). You have to plan ahead & save up or dedicate your tax refund for this purpose. Their occasionally-offered new-member specials (we got $200 off the membership fee, plus one month free) also help a lot.

Coming up with this money was hard, but I also feel it's a necessary part of their business model, so they have the capital to expand capacity as their membership grows & maintain their current level of excellent service.

— Elisabeth P.

I've been a member here for quite some time.  I had to let my membership lapse during the economic downturn, but as soon as I could, I came back.

There's just SO much to do here.  If you get stuck in a routine and want to do something different, there's plenty!   No way you can do everything in a day.  Pools, spas, steam, sauna, raquetball, tennis, basketball, you name it.

It is a bit pricey compared to other gyms, but if you're going to be going several times a week, it's worth it.

— Anthony R.

I have been a member for years and have not found a better club. Always updating there equipment, great cardio, tennis, lap pool, family pool, two Jacuzzis, steam room, sauna and great cardio room with TVs for all, clean and fresh towels every day.

Never need to bring shampoo, soap or comb they have it all.

— Andy K.

We love the Airport Club. The reception desk staff is extremely friendly and helpful. Each employee is very pleasant and knowledgeable and always willing to go out of his/her way to make your visit a pleasant one. This bodes well for you as you start your exercise regimen on a positive note. We have availed ourselves to the myriad activities, miscellaneous classes, group exercises, spin classes, swimming, sauna, hot tub, floor exercises, etc. The instructors are always willing to help you and also boost your confidence that you push yourself to challenge constantly. They are your personal guides to achieve your personal health goals. We joined the club in the beginning of 2012 and happy to say that, thanks to prodding of different staff members, our scores vis-a-vis health parameters have improved and are able to participate in other outdoors activities such as hiking, kayaking, biking, rock climbing with more energy and verve. We would strongly encourage folks that are presently wanting to achieve the same benefits for themselves to check this place out:

Cheryl and Raj

— Raj P.

Take no substitutions, the Airport Club provides a friendly, courteous, and professional atmosphere for some intense, or not so intense, gyming.

While not the largest, or least expensive place to workout, the cleanliness of the facilities is above and beyond other gyms.

Since the opening, I have always felt that the Airport Club does everything they can to make their members feel truly appreciated. Can you name another gym that throws holiday and gym anniversary parties for their members...? I didn't think so.

— Patrick K.