Crystal Pagal

As a member of the Airport Health club massage team, I am proud to offer you a memorable massage and bodywork experience. Ancient as well as contemporary, innovative and intuitive, my skills will evolve your mind and body to a state of restoration and rejuvenation that can only be described as sheer bliss.

Are you a yogi, cancer survivor or combatant, competitive athlete or weekend warrior? Maybe you are an expecting mother or have injuries or even had surgeries and you experience pain or limited movements from tension and stress? You may feel hopeless and think your condition is something you have to live with. you don't have to live in discomfort. I have worked with various celebrities and athletes that participate in marathons, swimming and cycling events as well as people with chronic pain, injuries and illnesses. I have the skills and massage tools to assist you to wholeness. Tools like Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Lymphatic, Prenatal, Myo Fascial Release Therapy, Trigger Point, Reflexology ans so much more. All massage is applied with clear and honorable intentions, intuition, campassion and always within your comfort level.

If you want maximum perfromance, specific results from your muscles, and relief from pain please contact me. I'm ready and prepared to customize a massage plan that not only feels phenomenal but is also effective, plus necessary for good health and well being. I will work together with  your Personal Trainer, Chiropractor, Physical Therapist or your Physician. I will keep track and chart your progress and bring you results that will increase your quality of life. Book with Crystal for a newer, happier, more rejuvenated you.