Policies & Tips

Our policies have changed through the COVID-19 situation.  See the attached brochure for the changes!

These are a few tips for ensure a happy visit in Child Care:

  • Make sure your children have been fed and changed before checking into Child Care.
  • No food, drinks, cups with caps and baby bottles are allowed. We do request that you bring an extra bottle for a baby, since two hours is too long a time for an infant. If an older child is hungry, parents are requested to feed them in the lobby before checking in to Child Care.
  • Please try to make the Child Care time a period of the day that does not conflict with your child's nap time. It is easier for us to provide a pleasant environment for all children if they are well fed, napped and alert.
  • Be prompt to pick up your child in Child Care. Reservations are made back to back, therefore it is imperative that a schedule is followed in order to be able to give all the children the appropriate attention.
  • If your child is new to Child Care, or if you have some concerns on how your child is doing, feel free to call from a Club phone to check on your child (extension 2422). This is much easier on your child than coming back in to Child Care and leaving your child again.
  • Please allow an adjustment period for your child. If your child is not used to being left, plan to stay in Kids Korner during the first visit and plan another 20 minutes the next visit and maybe 10 minutes another visit. We feel this is important with infants and crawlers. It is a new experience for the child and we want it to be a happy one!
  • Please label all your personal items so the staff can locate your child's belongings. (i.e. bottles, diaper bags, clothing, etc.).
  • We do not allow children to bring any handheld games to Child Care including cell phones.

Below is the Club Usage Policy for Children and Youth and the Child Care Brochure with more details.