The Personal Trainers at the Airport Health Club can offer general nutrition guidelines for healthy eating, weight loss and/or sports performance.  Below are some specialized nutrition programs.

10 Week Weight Loss Challenges

Every season we off a 10 week program where you work in a small group (6 participants) with Certified Personal Trainers.  They will lead you in challenging workouts twice a week and ensure you reach your goals in a safe and effective way.  See the Flyer below for details.

 Nutrition Counselling with Shannon Grossi

Shannon is a certified Holistic Nutritionist  and Personal Trainer.  See her flyer below.

Nutrition Counselling with Jenny Helman

Jenny is a Holistic Nutrition Consultant with many years of experience. 

15 minute free consultation

Ongoing Individual Nutrition Consulting - 5 - one hour sessions

Ongoing Couples Nutrition Consulting - 5 - one hour sessions

To book email Jenny at Jenny [at] HealdsburgNutrition [dot] com or call at 707-236-2030.