Gwen Miller

Gwen is a C.H.E.K. (Corrective, Holistic Exercise Kinesiologist) Practitioner 111 and Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) Certified Comprehensive Pilates Trainer. Her background gives her a unique perspective on seeing the changes of the body and how best to bring those changes back to an improved alignment. Gwen also holds multiple nationally recognized personal training certifications, is a Yoga Alliance - Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, and a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Gwen holds advanced certifications which qualify her to work with spinal pathologies, including scoliosis, is one of only 14 authorized Scolio-Pilates® Teachers worldwide, and is Yoga for Scoliosis Teacher Trainer certified through Elise B. Miller. Gwen creates customized wellness plans which are designed to restore optimal alignment to the body, mind, and spirit. Her specialty and passion is pain relief through education, therapy and movement.

Gwen presents continuing education classes and workshops on a variety of topics as an ACE, PMA and Yoga Alliance continuing education presenter.

Gwen has also added manual therapy to her skill set, to better serve her clientele. The Hendrickson Method® is a unique combination of three techniques designed to bring about optimum results in treating orthopedic conditions: a unique type of Soft Tissue Manipulation developed by Dr. Tom Hendrickson called Wave Mobilization® increases joint range of motion, circulation and lubrication, dissolves adhesions and scar tissue, reduces or removes pain, and can restore optimal orthopedic function. All this, and one of the primary tenets of treatment is that the treatment itself is never painful, and can be deeply relaxing and restorative.

Hendrickson Method® for Spine includes treatment for the hips and gluteals as these key areas strongly influence the alignment and health of the spine. Gwen also has Hendrickson Method® for Upper Extremity.

Gwen Miller has completed the Hendrickson Method® Training for Manual Therapy for the Spine, Level One, and is offering Hendrickson Method® for the Spine as well as Upper Extremity, Scolio-Pilates®, Therapeutic Yoga for Scoliosis®, Clinical Pilates for Back Health, and CHEK Assessments at The Pain and Performance Clinic in the Airport Health Club.


tel. 486-5642

gwenm [at] airportclub [dot] com