Frequently Asked Questions

We charge a one-time enrollment fee and monthly dues. We have several different plans, so in order to quote you the best possible rate it is best to call or send us and email. Our memberships are month to month and include full use of the facilities. We can be reached at 521-2424 or send us an email to memberservices [at] airportclub [dot] com.

Two people in a spousal or marital situation with one or more dependent children under the age of 26 living with the parents, or a single parent with custody of two or more dependent children.

If you are not going to be using your membership for a minimum of 1 month we can "freeze"  your membership. We charge a $$25.00 freeze fee instead of your monthly dues. This fee includes access to our online vidoes. All changes to your account need to be done in writing and they need to be received by the 25th of the month in order for them to be effective for the following month. We accept account changes in person, or by email.  Please do not consider the request processed until you get confirmation from the Club.

Email: memberservices [at] airportclub [dot] com 

In order to cancel your membership the Club requires prior written notice by the last business of the month. You may send an email to memberservices [at] airportclub [dot] com or see membership.  Please do not consider your request processed until you have received a confirmation from the Club.

We do not have a special membership for students. However, students can stay on their family membership through the age of 25. At age 26, the young adult assumes the responsibilities of an adult, and must join as an individual. If the person has been a family member on the membership and turns 26, the membership fee will be waived.

Club memberships are not transferable.

New members have 30 days from their join date to receive a full refund of their initiation fee. After the 30 day trial period initiation fees are not refundable.

Yes, you may bring guests to the Club. Our standard adult fee is $20.00 per day. Other guest rates for children and seniors apply. Each guest is limited to a maximum of 3 visits per month.