Chris Summit

Airport Health Club Head Climbing Instructor Chris Summit has been rock climbing for 24 years and teaching climbing for over 20 years. He has discovered a lot of the unknown rocks in our area and done the first ascents of some of the best and toughest climbs in the North Bay. That led him into making guidebooks for the Bay Area and all over Northern California. Besides his first ascents his best climbing achievements are 5.13 sport climbing, V10 bouldering, and helping to teach a lot of beginner climbers how to enjoy and prosper from climbing.  One of his best students is Chris McNamara who later went on to get world records and write the book for one of the largest rocks in the world, El Capitan in Yosemite. Chris still climbs himself all the time, mostly outdoors but is available at least once a month at the Airport Health Club climbing wall for either group classes and camps or one on one personal training.