Indoor Cycle Instructor

Teaches Indoor Cycle Classes

Melanie Jones Carter

Melanie is an experienced, certified Indoor Cycle Instructor.

Vince Mestrovich

Vince is an experienced and certified Indoor Cycle Instructor.

Gina Wright

Gina is a certified Personal Trainer, Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist, Indoor Cycle, Pilates Mat and TRX Instructor.

Paul Bozzo

Paul is an experienced Bootcamp and Indoor Cycle Instructor - full of personality!

Caryl Chlan

She is a very experienced Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Trainer.

Maren Vick

She is a certified Indoor Cycle Instructor

Gretchen Johnsrud

Gretchen is a NASM certified Personal Trainer whose passion for fitness is infectious. She earned her BA in Elementary Education and has translated that love of teaching into fitness. Gretchen loves to help her clients to not only meet their fitness goals, but to do things they didn't think they could do in the process. She loves hiking , trail running, cycling and pretty much anything that can be done outdoors. She is also an Indoor Cycling Instructor.

Lacy Burnett-Sheridan

She is a very experienced cycle instructor.

Traci Colgan

She has been teaching Indoor Cycling for many years.  She loves doing triathlons too!

Kim De Graw

Kim is a seasoned Group Exercise Instructor who teaches a variety of classes.

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