Class Instructor

Vince Mestrovich

Vince is an experienced and certified Indoor Cycle Instructor.

Gina Wright

Gina is a certified Personal Trainer, Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist, Indoor Cycle, Pilates Mat and TRX Instructor.

Kim Rosales

Kim is a certified Personal Trainer and Instructor with NASM. She is passionate about health and fitness and loves to hike in the Sierras. She loves to cook, entertain especially with her large loving family.

kimr [at] airportclub [dot] com

Tiffani Canevari

Tiffani is a NASM certified Personal Trainer. She is passionate about health and fitness and loves to work with people to improve posture and mobility through functional exercise and strength training. She has a B.S. is chemistry and has been a member of the club most of her life.  Tiffany is also an avid rock climber and has been teaching climbing since 2007.

tiffanic [at] airportclub [dot] com

Ann Foster

Ann is a Masters Swim Coach.

Alex Wilson

Alex is a Masters Swim Coach, Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor. She is an avid triathlete.

Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer is a Masters Swim Coach!

Sandra Torres

Sandra was born in Mexico and has loved dancing all her life.  She is a certified Zumba Instructor.

Pauline Richardson

 She is a certified Water Fitness Instructor who has spent 30+ years in the health care field.  

Lindsay Filice

 Lindsay is an ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor as well as an elementary teacher in Bennett Valley. She has a passion for running and training for marathons. 

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