Group Exercise

Monday am Mat Pilates

Class Description 
Dahdri McCormick
Studio 4
Date & Time 
(Weekly event) Jun 28, 2010 to Jun 28, 2010 (ended)


A unique, mild method of mind/body conditioning. A blend of breath control, abdonimal strength exercises, core stability and balance for the whole body.

Boot Camp

A strong high energy cardio workout using the step, weights, bands, and floor aerobics. All levels welcome. Sign up in advance for the Monday night class at the Service Desk.

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Wednesday am Not-So-X-Treme Muscle

Amy Windrem
Studio 1
Date & Time 
(Every 7 days event) May 12, 2010 to Sep 12, 2012 (ended)


Ditch the workout and join the party! A Latin inspired cardio dance class is so much fun you may forget it's a workout!

X-Treme Muscle

This class is tough! A full body muscle strength and endurance workout using steps, weights, body bars and BOSU.


This is a 30 minute express full body weight training workout.

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