Fitness Assessments

The Airport Health Club is proud to be on the cutting edge of health and fitness assessment technology.

We are pleased to feature the Polar BodyAge system in order to provide you with fitness assements that can help you  maximize your workouts and attain your goals. The system is being used across the world, from the US Navy and professional sports, to health and fitness facilities like ours.

Assessments are an important part of any exercise program. Not only are they objective and show you how you are progressing - they can also be motivational, and give good information that lets you know if what you are doing is working. We offer a range of exercise assessments with our professional staff to help you set and achieve safe health and fitness goals.

To schedule any of our assessments contact Sue Freyer, our Fitness and Wellness Director at 521-2491 or suef [at] airportclub [dot] com

See the brochure for the different assessments.  They range in price from $10.00 for a single assessment to $20.00 for multiple assessments. 

Body Fat % - impedance or body fat calipers

Strength - bicep strength test

Flexibility - sit and reach

Cardio - resting V02


BodyAge Test for $40.00

BodyAge is a measure of the "age" of your body based on certain markers of health and fitness. The Polar BodyAge Assessment is calcualted using a variety of benchmark tests to give you your individual body age.

Benchmarks includes:

Body Fat% - measured by impedance

Blood Pressure

Heart Rate

Biceps Strength Test

Sit and Reach Flexibility Test

Resting V02 Test

Nutrition Profile

The assessment is conducted by one of our certified Personal Trainers who will be able to answer any questions and explain all of the benchmark tests.

At the conclusion of your assessment, your Trainer will explain your BodyAge. Ideally it is lower than your actual age.

Regardless of your initial BodyAge, your assessment will give you guidelines on how to reach your lowest attainable BodyAge, which coincides with optimal fitness and wellness.